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After a technical inspection you will receive a site-specific system design, custom savings projections and a final recommendation for you. We make solar simple.

Get Your Free Solar Panel Quote

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9.1kW - $2,301 Yearly Savings
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"Competitive pricing for a quality system, prompt clear communication, short wait for on time installation, pride in their installation and electrical work performed with attention to detail to provide the most aesthetically pleasing result."
6.5kW - $1,799 Yearly Savings
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"This was the only company that guaranteed long term customer support. I have recommended this company to my friends and have no hesitation in giving them the highest rating."
5.2kW - $2,042 Yearly Savings
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"The installing team was helpful and worked well. After the installation, Boris came back to meet us, to set up the smart monitoring system and he also helped us to improve our energy plan in order to optimize savings."
9.3kW - $3,149 Yearly Savings
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"I highly recommend Banana Solar to anyone thinking about installing solar... I was very impressed with their quality of installation and their principles, no corners were cut..."